Imagine what a week dedicated to you and your health could do…

At Zest Retreats we believe that learning about your body and the way it truly functions, is one of the most important thing you can do – for yourself and your health. So we bring together like-minded and like-hearted women in luxurious, exclusive settings and teach you just that. We’ll empower you with the facts – then help you turn that knowledge into action.

Our team of experts offer uniquely soulful retreats, consciously created to work with the body’s innate intelligence at a fundamental level. Working with you to improve your health, deepen your understanding and restore harmony to body, mind and soul.

Re-discover your joie de vivre and find your way back to health and vitality

It’s an undeniable truth that your health is everything: Your health is EVERYTHING, but how many of us can hand-on-heart say that we prioritise our health, prioritise ourselves? Whatever life throws at you, your health is the source of your energy, resilience and emotional buoyancy. Simply put – being healthy helps you deal.

Maybe you’re trying figure out a constellation of seemingly unrelated symptoms, energy issues, fatigue and brain fog that no amount of sleep seems to restore. You maybe following a healthy diet but not really feeling nourished and strong or you may already be on a path to wellbeing and are looking for the very latest tools to up-level your health.

We know that it’s easy to get confused about the best course of action for you to take to stay healthy. There are so many options out there, so many opinions, so much questionable science – it’s easy to get lost.

So we’ve done all the hard work for you :-hours of reading clinical findings, gut microbiome microbiology research papers, biohacking reports, epigenetic seminars and published research, the very latest in cellular nutrition and mitochondrial health. We’ve studied with the best in their respective fields and distilled the most relevant, most effective, most impactful – easy to apply methodologies. To put it simply our uniquely multifaceted approach supports you on every level, helping you take control and realign your life.

Invest in your health

Our retreats give you permission to disconnect from the overwhelm of everyday demands and plug into something infinitely more revitalising. We integrate science and psychology with a respectful nod to spirituality. We’ll help you find a deeper level of appreciation, love and acceptance for your amazing body, and discover more vitality, reduced stress and find clarity of mind.

We provide you with a fun yet supportive environment where you can focus on your physical health, nutritional needs, wellbeing and self-care – whilst our fresh, modern approach to combatting stress and finding emotional balance, gives you the space you’ve been craving to figure things out.


A transformational journey to optimise your health and vitality

Our sumptuous Health and Wellbeing Retreats, run throughout the year at a handful of gorgeous locations across Europe and The Cotswolds.

  • Discover the latest game-changing information to heal your digestion and help your gut to thrive like never before
  • Master the art of restorative nutrition to deeply nourish each and every cell in your body
  • Shortcut strategies and lifestyle hacks to implement radical change
  • Improve your emotional flexibility and enjoy a more resilient mind
  • Restore a deep sense of calm, poise and balance to life

Be the first to know about our exclusive venues

We’re running our sumptuous Wellbeing Retreats at a handful of meticulously selected locations across Europe and the UK – and we’d love to share our next retreat dates and venue with you, as soon as we are ready to unveil them.

Secluded, stunning and steeped in luxury, our venues will provide the perfect backdrop for your transformational journey to optimise the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Simply let us have your email address and you’ll be the first to know about every luxurious detail.


Rekindle Your Zest For Life

You are an individual, you are also bio-individual, in short – you are unique. Everyone is genetically and biochemically different, so there are no cookie-cutter protocols at Zest Retreats. We treat you as the wonderful individual you are, with a personalised wellbeing plan designed just for you. Rediscover what it feels like to live with positive joy, a happy heart and a renewed enthusiasm for life. We’ll help you on your quest for great health and build the energetic momentum towards positive change.

We invite you to make friends with your body, quieten an overstimulated mind and reconnect with your soul. Enjoy a tranquil space, press the pause button on life and learn how to effectively deal with stress and overwhelm. Take time for gentle self-reflection and tune in to the natural rhythms of your body once more. Not only will you leave feeling renewed, refreshed and deservedly spoilt, but we’ll also empower you with effective tools and valuable strategies to consolidate your transformation and sustain your own wellbeing.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Masterclasses

Each masterclass is informed by years of clinical experience, evidence based methods and a tangible passion for sharing our collective knowledge with you. Combining the latest findings in the science of health, neuroscience and positive psychology – our unique approach will teach you how to transform your health wherever you are starting from. Don’t worry, we make it easy to grasp as well as engaging and fun.

° Optimise your gut microbiome to truly thrive – the cornerstone of excellent health

° Deepen your sleep and wake up refreshed and raring to go

° The universal biochemical laws and the importance of nutritional density

° Increase your energy levels and performance

° Reframe stress, deal with soulful struggles and take life’s challenges in your stride

° Boost your immunity and improve the health of your Mitochondria

We’ll guide you on a journey to reconnect with your authentic self, learn to harness your mind for greater positivity and diminish negative inner dialogues – building resilience to become stronger both physically and emotionally.

Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats
Luxury Wellness Retreats For Women | Zest Retreats